General Administration

To attend day-to-day functioning of the Municipality Office.
To receive all communication addressed to the Municipality and
place before the concerned official.To issue and arrange for dispatch
all letters issued from the Municipality.

Accounts And Finance

All types of cheque issue for payment, Bill preparation,
Maintenance of Accounts, Cash Book, Cheque Register,
Abstract Register, Payment Register, U/C, IT & ST etc.


To execute all developmental works.To prepare plan and estimates
of all developmental works.To prepare bills for all developmental works.

  • Water supply including maintenance.
  • Tube well including maintenance.
  • Maintenance work of Water supply pipeline, sanitary works at housing estate, market, office building and all auditoriums.
Just to establish a department is not enough to run and maintain a service smoothly and effectively. Therefore Birnagar Municipality starts another service i.e. “Conservancy”. The main purpose of this service is to monitor various activities of the other department and not only that, also allocate miscellaneous duties and responsibilities to the other sections and make them complete the task within time.
Along with other departments for various important services Birnagar Municipal strictly runs and maintains a Health Department. The main objective of this department is to observe various health related issues and do the needful to keep the health level of the inhabitants as high as possible, conduct different health program to aware of its citizen regarding the importance of vigor.
  • Disbursement of payments
  • Withdrawal of cash from banks
  • Receipt misc collections

To constantly maintain, modify and add records for birth and death related issues Birnagar Municipality has created a separate department related to these matters.
The key purpose of this section is:

  • Enrollment of birth records and communicating with the hospitals Nursing home etc. for the same.
  • Generating the issuance of Birth Certificate
  • Registration of Death Certificate and issuance of the same.
  • Conservation of Death and Birth related records
  • Maintenance of the details of incineration and Burial Ground.
  • Rendering stuff like for gracious disposal of dead bodies.
  • Collections of tax from individual holdings
  • Maintenance of records
  • Periodic reports on tax collection.