Chairman's Desk


Birnagar Municipality is a small town in between Ranaghat and Capital of Nadia Krishnagar. It is roughly 80km away from Kolkata. But the significant feature of this small town is that it has some historical background of the past which enlighten even to days people who frequent this place as visitors or to find out the reminisces of their fore fathers.
This is one of the oldest Municipalities. It still bore the sign of cultural heritage of it past. Some of the remains of construction of temples and architects signify the same.
This municipality is competing with the modern developments of other Municipalities and coming out fast to enrich all out development whether in service sectors, cultural, socioeconomic development, educationally etc.
Civilization is a time continuing process. It started long ago and as the needs of the people enhanced so as the civilization. It is unfortunate that we are yet to develop our country in all sectors of civic amenities. The housing sector is one of such sector. We have been trying our best to achieve100% result in this sector with the active support of Govt. of West Bengal. We are partially successful in this endeavor but we need to give shelter to the urban poor so that no one live in a thatched house or in shanties.
As of now this Municipality is busy with the process of preparing Plan of Action (HFAPOA) for the urban poor. With the strong leadership from the Chairman and its councilors and active support of the staff of our Municipality we are going ahead with this scheme to make it a success. We have taken oath that no one in this Municipality would remain starving even for a day, no one should remain without drinking water, sanitation, and clothing and above all shelter less.
Development is our only motto and we will not stop whatever obstacle comes our way. The task ahead is herculean one due to complexity of socioeconomic and political situation. However, preparation of Housing for All Plan of Action and implementation of the same in a time bound manner is not so easy job.
As this project is the first of its kind and this project would offer development of all slum dwellers and stop from further grow of slum localities which is a curse to the modern life, we are looking forward to make our Municipality a clean and habitable Municipality without any slum area. Our experience of the past would guide us and we are sure to achieve our dream project for the first time. The Housing for All Plan of Action has been prepared with this in mind and we are looking forward for a great future.

Birnagar Municipality