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The origin of Birnagar dates back to the pre-colonial era.Previously it was an island in the Hooghly River. Before British came, Birnagar was named as Ula. It is mentioned in the short story Post Master by Rabindranath Tagore and in the novel Aporajito by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. It earlier had two Zamindars, i.e.landlords. One part of Birnagar belonged to the Mukherjees, and the other part was of the Mustafis. Rajsekhar Bose (Parasuram) was from Birnagar. He was a well-known author of many short stories basically comedies in Bengali. Gamchha — a handloom towel used by Bengalis was invented in Palitpara, Birnagar.

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Birnagar Municipality is a small town in between Ranaghat and Capital of Nadia Krishnagar. It is roughly 80km away from Kolkata. But the significant feature of this small town is that it has some historical background of the past which enlighten even to days people who frequent this place as visitors or to find out the reminisces of their fore fathers.
This is one of the oldest Municipalities. It still bore the sign of cultural heritage of it past. Some of the remains of construction of temples and architects signify the same.
This municipality is competing with the modern developments of other Municipalities and coming out fast to enrich all out development whether in service sectors, cultural, socioeconomic development, educationally etc.

The Role Of Municipality

A Municipality is a local government administrative division composed of a defined territory and population. While there are many varieties of municipalities, most fall into one of two categories: (1) a single settlement, a city, town, or village, and (2) a land area similar to a township that may contain multiple settlements, or even just part of one, such as a city’s borough.


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